Some Great Testimonials!
During the summer months I always lost money in Florida. With Clear Advantage I've realized that people are still here and I can get those people into my business with the right marketing. They have provided great support that goes beyond just sending out mail, I consider them a partner in my success
Hearing Aid Center Owner In Florida
It is my privilege to write about my experience working with ClearAdvantage marketing team. I have been a business owner for the last five years and have worked with several printing companies for my marketing needs. While I achieved some success with some of the campaigns, I also felt that there was something lacking on the support side that is badly needed in the hearing healthcare industry. As a small business owner I need an invested partner when it comes to marketing. Someone who cares about helping more people to hear better as much as I do. Someone who will help me plan ahead and follow through with making sure that no step is overlooked no matter how small it might seem.

I am happy to say that in the last couple of months I feel that I have found that partner in the team at ClearAdvantage. Paul has delivered on the value proposition that was made early on and has earned my trust and confidence. For someone who is only looking for a printer that can do cheap work, then ClearAdvantage might not be for you. But, if you are like me and you need the help of an effective marketing partner, then I would recommend having a talk with them about what a real marketing plan looks like. So far, the results we have seen proves that it's worth a look.
E.D. from CA
Before marketing with Clear Advantage we had done direct mail with other companies and with manufacturers with inconsistent results because we were not sending out a compelling enough message with consistency to motivate new patients to respond. Since we started using Clear Advantage we have seen the results of our direct mail campaigns become more consistent. We no longer blame things like the economy and the weather for our phones not ringing. When you can get more opportunities and a higher ROI, it’s a no-brainer! We now rely on direct mail as our major source of external marketing leads and we’ve gone from doing just one event per month to doing three per month! Thanks Clear Advantage!

887 calls total
30 events
656 leads
$152.20 per call
$205.80 per lead

D.S. from MI
Our Audiology Practice has been taking advantage of Clear Advantage’s unique approach and strategy for two and a half years! We use them as our primary source of new opportunities. The really great part about that is we ACTAULLY can count on consistent results. As a practice owner I didn’t get into the hearing industry to be a direct mail expert. I draw on the expertise of Clear Advantage to make decisions based on results. I also find myself in the same situation as any successful practice owner, needing more hours in the day, and competent people around me that can get things done with the same care, and quality I expect of myself. From proven approaches to stuff that Rya and Clear Advantage pull out of the direct mail laboratory, we as a practice are stronger, and we don’t have to scramble or strategize how to survive. We went from dropping once a month to two or three times and have come to understand there is never a bad time to drop mail!

632 calls total
20 events
448 leads
$137.23 per call
$211.69 per lead

L.G. from OH
I have worked with Clear Advantage for three years. In the beginning I was a little skeptical of their mailers, fearing that my customers would not respond to that type of media. Clear Advantage was patient with me insisting that if I just follow the guidelines I would see results. I did listen and I did see results. Now Clear Advantage lays out a plan for me for several months out and we go with it. Not only has Clear Advantage increased our sales, they have increased our database for future sales. I have talked to Clear Advantage many times on the phone with questions about how to handle certain questions from customers and they have always had the time to offer suggestions. If you want to increase the number of opportunities into your business, I recommend using Clear Advantage.

669 calls total
26 events
475 leads
$194.00 per call
$273.00 per lead

P.S. from OH
Our relationship with Clear Advantage began in the Spring of 2010. Before then, we used all of the traditional and conventional hearing health direct mail companies with average results. When we first talked with Clear Advantage, we thought their vision and tactics might fall short of the traditional direct mail outcomes. Boy, were we wrong! The first campaign we embarked on tripled the results as compared with our former direct mail provider. Each campaign seemed to reach a new segment of our market. Over the last 3 years, Clear Advantage has provided “hit” after “hit” as they continue to refine proven approaches and continue to build a better “mouse trap”. These tried and true strategies help us reach the people that need our hearing healthcare services the most. If you are seeking a better solution to create more opportunities for your practice, please stop by and talk with practice, call Clear Advantage Direct Mail!

2491 calls total
100 events
1759 leads
L.C. from PA
After owning hearing aid centers for over 23 years you learn a few things. When I partnered up with Clear Advantage for all my direct mail, I had already learned to let the experts do what they do best and it paid off! I've never seen a direct mail company with the drive and ability to push the envelope and bring us more people than we ever originally thought was possible. The original ideas I had reservations about seemed to pay off the most and it ran seamlessly through our offices. Clear Advantage is the most professional and safest investment for your marketing dollar.
Dr. Lewis Breslau
I've used Clear Advantage Direct Mail for years. They always do what they say they will do. The promotions are consistent and I love having a game plan in place for the year so I don't have to worry about finalizing our marketing decisions every month. They have a clear and direct plan that works, I highly recommend them.

Allen Schade
Over the past six months my office has utilized the services of Clear Advantage Direct Mail. We have sent two 5000 piece mailers that generated a total of 86 appointments in two separate offices and sold 29 hearing aids. The staff members at Clear Advantage stand head and shoulders above any previous group I have used over the last 21 years as owner of a hearing aid practice. They quickly respond to any questions or concerns while taking a very personal approach to any issue that may arise. We are currently planning another mailer in May for a new office and more to come in two other offices this year. I can give them only the highest recommendation.
Stephen Gannaway, MA
Before signing on with Clear Advantage, we had done some mail outs with another mailing company and some with our hearing aid manufacturer, all with low to medium results. Clear Advantage has taken us to the next level. The results we've seen have been nothing short of amazing. We used to blame things like the economy and the weather as reasons for our phones not ringing and why business was slow. Now I know the truth: we were not sending out a compelling enough message to motivate potential clients into coming to see what we could offer to help them hear better. Thank you Clear Advantage!
David Higginbotham
Working with Clear Advantage Direct Mail has been a pleasure. I was just talking to the Doctor about the new letter going out and I have to tell you we are SUPER EXCITED!!! Not that we ever doubted you because you are definitely proven but seriously since my first day; we have NEVER been booked a week out! You dropped the letter and literally within days we were booked back to back with appointments a week out! In fact, I had to start telling people that we extended the event due to the huge response we receive which allowed us to book into the following week! Can you imagine what this next letter is going to do!? By the way, just a heads up...we had a patient come in (you can probably capture her call if you call I will give you her info) she made it a point to say that she had received several Hearing Test mailers however they were overly colorful, animated, and didn't seem professional yet she made the appointment anyway HOWEVER when she received your mailer she thought it was "professional" so she cancelled her appointment and called me to schedule an appointment with us!! How awesome!! Anyway, so excited thank you so much for working with us!
MaiLee Perez
We have been working with Clear Advantage since 2007. We have greatly reaped the rewards of this business relationship. We have tried all avenues of marketing with varied success. We have consistent successful results with Clear Advantage, significantly greater than any other direct mail company we have ever used. Of course we have times when a mail piece may not get the results others have; however, when we do the second run of the piece it is always fruitful. We have found that if we stick with the piece and follow it through then we always get the desired results. It is critical, we have found, to follow out the pieces. The first run may not be the best. You may have two runs go great and a third tank, this is the way it works, they key is consistency, and Clear Advantage has given us the opportunity to have those results.

Vanessa Pogreba, HIS, RDH
Clear Advantage has given us great service, quick turnaround time, and most important the BEST return on our investment of any direct marketing program we have ever used. They are very professional in providing a quality mailing even when we give them short notice to put together a promotion. Clear Advantage brings a fresh approach to direct mail which the consumer responds to!
DC in Oklahoma
Ryan is a pleasure to work with. He is usually easy to reach, and if I have to leave him a message or an e-mail, he responds quickly. I have been getting a better ratio of appointments to number of pieces of mail sent with his promotional pieces than I have with other marketing companies I have used the last couple of years. The ratio people coming in for appointments who are qualified (financially) and really need hearing help is good. It takes very little of my time with Ryan to set up a mailing. He needs the shortest lead time I have ever seen to get the mail delivered. He uses first class postage, so there is more control over the mail arriving on time. It has been very satisfying to see a large number of new patients coming into my practices from Ryan's direct mail pieces.
Eric Stratton
Working with Ryan and Clear Advantage Direct Mail has been a pleasure. His unique marketing has made my accounts hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past 4 months. It is rare in our industry that marketing consistently produces results, but I have no problem promoting him to my accounts because they've never lost money and typically get well over the national response average per promotion. I will continue to tell my accounts about his programs.
John M.